Therm-a-Rest Apogee Quilt - Regular

Therm-a-Rest Apogee Quilt – Regular


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The Therm-a-Rest Apogee Quilt is part of the Therm-a-Rest Quilt range which couples up with your Therm-a-Rest mattress so you can customise your own sleep system to suit your adventure The Apogee delivers reliable warmth at a weight and size that s great for backpacking yet has the comfort and carefree durability for frequent use anywhere it is recommended to be used in temperatures ranging from 10 C-4 C and it achieves is excellent temperature regulation by combining an eraLoft synthetic insulation with the ThermaCapture backed seams along with the full perimeter side baffles and insulated footbox The eraLoft synthetic insulation is a highly efficient and compressible microfiber polyester insulation that offers warmth and loft thanks to the way that is traps heat This insulation performs in all weather conditions thanks to the water resistant fibres and dry incredibly fast meaning that it offers a reliable temperature regulation in temperatures as low as 4 C The ThermaCapture backed seams is a fantastic way to reduce radiant and convective heat loss through a simple yet incredibly effective use of a thin strip of reflective tape behind each baffle seam in order to use the warmest sewn through construction on this particular quilt This fantastic quilt offers extreme comfort and an excellent level of freedom of movement thanks to the simple and easy way that it connects to your mattress simply hook over the elasticised insulated footbox and use the perimeter snap loops to mate with another Therm-a-Rest mattress quilt sleeping bag blanket or sheet to give you the optimum sleeping system and cozy cocoon for your next outdoor trip